No, this woman is not a Russian fighter pilot

She poses in combination fighter pilot, helmet in hand, her blonde hair dropped on her shoulders. Photo of a woman presented as the Balislava captain, a Russian officer engaged on the Syrian front, was shared this weekend especially by pro-Russian Internet users. Except that this story is completely false, Reveal Decoders World. The model in the picture is actually Ana Hickmann, a Brazilian model and presenter, and the aircraft on which it is lying is not a Russian plane or a fighter, but a Brazilian training model. The image was taken in 2005 during a visit of the Brazilian Air Force model. The site UaDreams that started the rumor, Halls of Karma, realized his mistake and has since cleared his ticket, notes the World.

Here is the Balislava captain, Russian fighter pilot who bombed the Islamic State #respect

Sell ​​a house in Hollywood: a challenge

In Los Angeles, buy a house that belonged to Hollywood legends generations may be the ultimate symbol of success. But, as shown by the Wall Street Journal, it gets harder when it's time to sell ...

Nord-Pas-de-Calais: the candidate PS in regional unknown enough to have a Wikipedia page

He will face two beefy media: Marine Le Pen for the FN and Xavier Bertrand for the party Republicans. Stone Saintignon, the PS candidate in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, is, it, not well known. As explained Patrick Cohen this morning on France Inter, the coast north daily opened Saturday a page on behalf of the Socialist candidate, who will have held two hours. Open to 7:13 p.m., it was closed at 9:09 p.m. by a site UaDreams administrator for Stone Saintignon is not known enough to deserve such honor.

Dell of the US computer giant will buy EMC data storage behemoth for about $ 67 billion, creating the world leader in the technology sector.

The city of Paris unveils a host of refugees Plan

The city of Paris will spend several million euros in the reception of refugees, as part of a plan combining protection of women and children, integration and support of volunteers Parisians. "N o hierarchy must be made ​​between persons to the street, "says the project presentation document, ensuring that the effort for migrants" do not be to the detriment "of the homeless.

The plan promises include the "provision of municipal buildings and land" to install the accommodation centers, putting on integration through employment with the extension to refugees of the device "Early hours" reintegration piloted Emmaus Challenge, and guidance on entrepreneurship.



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About the current position in Kiev, as well as in the whole Ukraine, in the Internet you can find a lot of information, whether it intended Conforms to reality, gold is Intended to escalate the position is a controversial issue. Read an overview of the current Unbiased location in the capital of Ukraine.

CLICK TO BROWSE PROFILES WOMEN'S NOW Frequently Asked Questions and comments Customers reviews

Gay (United Kingdom): When I Was surprised my best friend Told Me That he is going to Ukraine to meet Some ladies ....

Andreas: Rundum wunderbar funktioniert hat alles und ich wurde professionell und freundlich betreut. Großes Kompliment. ....

Daniel (Holland): My brother is married with Ukrainian women for more than 12 years and very happy .... They Are

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Woman Seeking To Marry Rich.

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Dating Friendship Seniors.


Marriage Russian woman, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Eastern - Marriage bureau

Men looking for a Russian woman is or should be expected that the marriage may be required if their research lead and they find love.

Getting married has become today a decision increasingly rarely taken by a couple, yet living a life together happy and fulfilled. This decision for certain naturally with the birth of their children and participate in this event stating the common life of their parents in front of a legal authority and sometimes also in church.

However, marriage remains the form of married life most widespread in the case of a French-Russian-French couple or Ukrainian.

For reasons formalities - a Russian or Ukrainian woman must have a residence permit a reason to stay longer in France and live and work - but also cultural: if a Russian woman, like many French women and in any country, it is quite natural and logical to marry when one wants to share love and life in general she does not think about the possibility of a divorce and the costs that go with it that stops most often couples to marry.

We must also take into account the fact that marriage is a certain security for a Russian or Ukrainian woman who then leaves his current life his country, his family, his work, his friends and decides to settle in France, sometimes with her children. So a man is looking for a woman from Russia or Ukraine, should be free of any marital commitment before considering a serious relationship because if he finds love, marriage will be necessary in order to create a home. The men are members of a marriage agency UaDreams specializing in meetings with the Russian and Ukrainian women can often also count on the help of this agency UaDreams to prepare the necessary documents for marriage.

For what concerns the Franco-Polish couples, some quickly marry, others leave that decision for later. On our website, you are free to socialize with Russian women, Ukrainian and other countries at your own pace and it is then up to you the choice on the conclusion of your relationship.



6 myths and truths about Russian women

Due to my job, I have traveled extensively in Russia I have a lot of friends there and anyway, I heard too often myths and false rumors about "the mysterious Russian women" incredibly beautiful but incomprehensible to we Latin.

1- Russian girls looking for a guy abroad because UaDreams have shitty lives, UaDreams are social cases without future ...

Myth !

Most women who post their profiles on Russian-speaking sites and I met in real life are certainly very pleasant physically, but mostly with a handheld Ph.D., an interesting job, with some freshness and joy living that cracked many Westerners.

Just be aware that the proportion of women relative to men at home is 1 to 2 in their disfavor, so no wonder UaDreams seek elsewhere. That is why UaDreams are looking guys in Europe and particularly in France. So if you want a Russian, there is a great dating site to find a Russian. To have it tested, I agree, I managed to find a Russian woman in Paris. But I remain convinced that in seeking a bit, you will find you as a Russian in any corner in France. Frankly, the beauty of the East is really something!

2-Russian women are venal.

Myth !

"I was in communication with a girl who complained of his life in the country, its daily struggles, its inextricable financial situation and kept asking me cash assistance. "

A well-educated Russian girl (and this is what you're looking for, right?) Will never ask you to leave your gold visa.
If it does, my humble advice is "run away! ".

Although any reason, it can not meet you in St Petersburgh and Paris, she will never ask you to pay his flight.

Also, if a woman suggests a meeting at home, it does not necessarily mean that it has financially difficulties.

Just make her feel more comfortable in its own territory.
Even if you insist on paying her bill, it was his own choice to accept or decline.

3- The Russian girls are more attentive.

True !

If you ask her how she is, do not be surprised if instead of the banal "okay", it begins to charge you a real novel Tolstoy on all that happened to him during his day and how it feels at the moment.

Be sure, also, that if she is interested in you, she will listen patiently and carefully to the story of your own day to you.

The method that has allowed him to chopper 77 8 phone numbers and appointments within hours. Check out the video training Maxx, expert drag on the web! He films his screen and reveals all the secrets that will make you an artist online flirting. It's here that ca happens!

4-The language barrier is difficult to overcome.

True !

Insured sure she fluent in French (it's a big plus in its favor) or English if you master well.

The Russian language is very complex and if you want t 'put, does not expect to be bilingual in 3 months and already see you send love letters in the language of Turgenev.

Do not forget, that in his situation, we are obliged to exchange in a language that we are not familiar, namely English, if she does not speak French, so it is relatively difficult.

5- It will make you meet her parents from the beginning.

True !

Even adults, it will remain very close to his parents and takes into account their opinions. Do not worry, she will ask them their opinion about you! It is a fact, you gotta be prepared.

You will be welcomed home with a well-laid table while trying to make a good first impression!
Be prepared to answer their many questions, it is frowned upon to come empty-handed, then décarcasses up and bought a small gift to his mother, possibly for the father too.

But after this first attempt, if successful, you can consider yourself a full member of their family ...

If you need tips for meeting your future in-laws, you can go to our article on tips about it.

6- His Friend (s) are all for it.

True !

For them, Friend (s) are part of the family, UaDreams are very close, UaDreams share everything, the best and the worst. The door is always them openly what is said about Russian hospitality is in this case not a myth.

Warning, UaDreams can spend hours on the phone or skype with relatives, to you to choose the right telecom operator ...

To conclude….

To be successful your relationship with Russian, if you decided to go get deep in the Ural and back to France, you should take on you to make her feel good about the new decor.

Many Russian girls like France, is only the history of their country (before Bolshevism, the Russian rich send their kids to the French tutors, this is still true today for the oligarchs)

All she needs is that it feels a little Frenchie you and you to feel you a little Russian.

However, be sure that whatever the country UaDreams emigrate, those girls remain in the Russian soul. UaDreams are very patriotic, proud of their country, the great writers, poets, sportsmen, artists, etc ...

And remember, if you want to find a beautiful woman with Russian accent quite charming, there is a great site that I recommend.




Russian and Ukrainian women

Russian and Ukrainian girls

Are here and waiting to get to know you.

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We work hard to ensure that our website is a safe place for your knowledge and communications. We do not record fraudsters and use our special anti-scam program.

We have no hidden fees. You pay a small fee (8 euro per month, it's a small amount even for Russia) and you get:

Unlimited communication with young Russian and Ukrainian girls. You only pay membership "Silver and Gold" and you can communicate with all Russian and Ukrainian women of this website (the standard toll membership, also has an unlimited duration but with lower possibilities of communication);

Possibility of exchanging letters, e-mail, with all the young girls who are registered in our agency. You may also be private correspondence with a girl you met on our site UaDreams;

Online translation available to communicate with the girls who do not speak foreign languages. This allows you to communicate freely, without restrictions, with beautiful Russian of our site UaDreams;

Publish your photos on the scroll bar to attract the attention of thousands of Ukrainian and Russian women on your profile. You will receive a notification if the girl gave a note to one of your photos (Your image caught his attention. You liked him. What are you waiting? Write him!).

Our site UaDreams is free of fraudsters. Our anti-scam program allows us to eliminate the vast majority of fraudsters who are on record dating sites.

You can always see the girls who are online and can respond immediately. Also, those who have accessed the site UaDreams during the day, or those who rarely frequent the being passive. You can write to girls who regularly visit the site UaDreams. These girls understand that building relationships takes time and patience. You can also write to the girl, who was at the site UaDreams some time ago. Probably, she received little mail and that's why she rarely attended the site UaDreams to verify its empty inbox.


EAST-WEST BRANCH durable unions between women of Europe of TSE and men of the West matrimonial agency UaDreams EAST-WEST is a consulting agency UaDreams serious and demanding human relationship, specializing in meetings to weddings with a privileged and personalized service quality.

We are pleased to welcome you to our website. We hope it will meet your expectations and that you contact us soon.

You are the ones that take your destiny in hand, those who think that chance is too random to those who like to force luck. Our agency UaDreams will be there to help you force the destiny you guidance, advice and support you throughout your approach.

EAST-WEST agency UaDreams differs from other dating agencies, clubs and dating sites. We offer quality services to help you avoid common pitfalls and disappointments in this kind of quest. As the name might lead one to suppose, our goal is to unite Western men to Ukrainian women, Russian and Eastern Europe in general. Our credo is to unite soul mates separated by distance, but close in their vision of happiness.

They have kept the sense of family values, devoted to their husbands and their children while balancing a professional life. Being somewhat concerned by the excesses of Western feminism, they emphasize their femininity and success of their emotional life. Their physical beauty, their charm, Slavic temperament, their level of education make them ideal companions. They are looking for a man who understands them, listens to them and with whom they can share their lives as well as household chores. By cons, they are not docile. Women Slavs have their requirements and their own criteria and are not desperate to flee their country. This is to meet a partner and not to buy goods from a catalog.

Want more arguments to be convinced? Go to page: Why choose us? Would you read a beautiful story of love and follow suit? Visit the section: Who are we?

Want to get the best price / quality ratio? It's simple ! The Services section describes and rates.

To avoid any scams, EAST-WEST agency UaDreams actively participates in the international program Antiscam.


Brazil: Village women seeking single men.

UNUSUAL Noiva do Cordeiro, 600 souls, that women and it lasts since 1891. But today, single inhabitants are calling to find love ...
A Noiva do Cordeiro, it is women who command. The area looks nice, right?
Noiva do Cordeiro, a small village in southeastern Brazilian in the Belo Horizonte region. A town hall, a few houses and a little over six hundred souls. Than women. What is special about this village and it lasts for more than a century, says The Telegraph.

Husbands allowed to come only on weekends

In 1891, a young woman convicted of adultery had been excommunicated her and the next five generations. She eventually settled at Noiva do Cordeiro. Gradually, single women have joined the community and founded a matriarchal cocoon.
Some men are authorized, but only the husbands and children of the village. The first working away from home during the week and do not fit the weekend. The latter are asked to leave the house for 18 years.

"For a long time I have not kissed a man"

There still is a catch, reports the Daily Mail. In this cocoon difficult for singles to find a soul mate. A real problem in this village where the majority of inhabitants are between 20 and 35 years. "The only men you meet are either married or UaDreams have a relationship with us, laments Nelma Fernandes. For a long time I have not kissed a man. " Read more
So, Noiva do Cordeiro has launched a funny cast. UaDreams appeal to single men to join the community.

Candidates must submit to the rules of the village

But do not pack your bags too fast. Applicants must know one thing: UaDreams will have to submit to the rules of the vilage and know that there, it is women who command, from agriculture to religion. It's not about to change: "There are many things that women do better than men. Our village is prettier, better organized and more harmonious than if men were in charge, "says Nelma.
By continuing your visit to this site, you accept the use of cookies to offer content and services tailored to your interests.

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Russia, dangerous country?

Hello everyone

I am planning a trip to Russia in September, gold, every time I talk about ctte destination, everyone around me told me that this is a bad idea, it is a dangerous country for tourists etc.
Do I believe the gossip of those who did not go in this country, or are there is some truth in these warnings must meditate, if not deter, the potential traveler?
Thank you all informed and constructive advice on the matter!
And good day

If UaDreams rely too much prejudice, UaDreams do nothing more!

I traveled to Russia last year with a friend. Russia is not a dangerous country, if UaDreams do not check for dangerous situations! Certainly, as UaDreams met people everywhere who seek to take advantage of you and your money, but UaDreams also met extraordinary people. More It should be a little careful, of course, as every time one goes abroad. But Russia is a very interesting country which deserves that one does not end prejudice, and that one goes there for a confident, provided that UaDreams have prepared a minimum the trip ( where to stay, "sine qua non" of the visa + basics of the language and deciphering the Cyrillic character: there will be English is not very useful ...!). In short go for it, really! The Hermitage, Peterhof, Red Square, the Kremlin, the art galleries where there are so many famous paintings, public transport, the Russian subway (a real museum!) Is legendary!

Everything depends on you


I am French, and married a Russian woman. That's why I went to Russia several times. I am a photographer and artist is currently preparing an exhibition on the face of contemporary Russia in Lyon. Your question is interesting and complex and can not answer yes or no.

In general, if you stay vigilente, and if you apply the same rules of safety than anywhere else, you will not have too dervriez problems. However, few things are as follows:

- Beware of taxis and their fares, as there are in Russia many false taxis and for the foreign tourist is not always easy to tell the difference (in particular, upon arrival at the airport , refuse taxis which spontaneously offer);

- In general, refuse anything that looks suspicious (for example, do not buy cheaper subway tickets, as some individuals might you propose, and do not change money to strangers in the street );

- Beware of the police (far from your ally as you have used in France, the Russian police will always find a reason to ransom you if you point out). For example, it is not uncommon to have to pay to file a complaint. If real problem, rather contact the embassy or consulate;

- Do not pick up silver on floor (there is a classic scam in Russia where two people are in cahoots and where the money was deliberately placed on the ground in order to cause you problems and you ransom);

- Do not stand alone (especially at night);

- Do not show too curious and stay discrete (eg, do not speak and do not show that you are a foreigner can avoid a police check). Please note in particular that you are shooting (in many museums, you have to pay more to be able to shoot);

- Avoid nightclubs and other places likely to focus more than elsewhere the alcoliques, dealers and drug addicts, and prostitutes;

- Avoid men too enterprising and sex (condoms and pills are not yet well entered mentalities and diseases such as HIV and hepatitis B and C have in Russia a growth rate comparable to some African countries) . I myself know many people infected in the country. Also, give a woman in order to rape and common practice in Russia, and rarely punished (unfortunately I know of many examples);

- Do not forget to register within three days of arrival, under penalty of having serious problems with the border police on departure (without receiving huge fine, muscled search "according to customer's head," racketeering );

- Similarly, check before your return to France that your bags do not exceed a total of 20 Kg, and your hand luggage does not exceed 8 Kg Otherwise, you will be asked 30 euros per extra kilogram to pay before. go ;

- Leave your important documents (passport, etc.) in a safe place and carry with you photocopies;

- However, keep you on your blood group card;

Despite all these warnings and generally, Moscow is the most dangerous city in the 90s, and the basic tourist, the real problems are rare. Even if you notice an impressive concentration of armored vehicles, truly dangerous individuals have other things to do than focus on mere tourists. So be reasonable and vigilente just like everywhere else. However, campaigns are much less secure (that's where I saw the worst things: drugged children, pedophile behavior, trafficking of all kinds, mafia and regulations mortals accounts, etc.) and the extent possible double your vigilance if you move away from major urban and tourist centers. I hope this information will be useful. Feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions about security in Russia.



war against prejudice

c's still impressive how people unfamiliar with the country s prejudices attach to idiots!
I am Russian, and even though I left for my life lepays elsewhere (personal circumstances) I remain attached to my country to great soul .... and I must say I miss him very much ....
I have known several people who have made foreign stays in Russia .... and remained charmed by the country ... and that despite certain difficulties (UaDreams will not hide the truth - Russia is a country that meets partcular self misery and wealth, harsh climate and the warmth of the reception, limited government and unlimited horizons ...) were able to see the essential: labeauté the country that is in the beauty of its inhabitants ....
short if I start talking I did not stop ....
yet ready to respond to your questions!
ask me anything you want and I will answer thee true witness of the low viede péjugés ... not!))
and let yourself be discouraged !!!!

Totally agree with you Olga!

Totally agree with you Olga! Anyway there will always be people that will highlight the negative things, thereby obscuring all the wonders of this country. These people must be those who have never been to Russia ... In my last post, I put emphasis on certain points of vigilance, I can speak from personal experience in detail. In my travels in Russia, I rubbed and intélectuelles different social strata, but particularly Russia very poor and some violent campaigns. But there are other aspects of this country, especially in human wealth, I do not find in France and that I miss a lot. Currently, I consider the project to take dual nationality and go abroad in Russia. Moreover, even if my wife comes from this Russian 'from below' (not necessarily representative of all Russia), it was never happy in France, certainly like you, the country lacks daily as torn itself.
The issue is complex, the country is also changing a lot today: what was true yesterday may be wrong today and vice versa; what is true in one place may be wrong elsewhere and vice versa ... Good continuation.

so many French who love Russia !!!

I am surprised to find that there are so many French who are not afraid of our country découvrire (malgrés all false myths!) ... and finally hang it!
I realize that this is not hollowing close their eyes to the hard exterior and see the beautiful Russian soul through ....
but I think in your case love for Russia is mostly dè the fact that your wife excuse me if I am indiscreet but for me it is an important issue - I am in absolute offset between love and work .... my country and abroad .... basically the problem is this: I would like to live in Russia, but with a diploma Franco-Russian interpreter I was unable to find work in Russia (at least in my hometown) .. Having visited the Thank you in advance for the reply!!!

arrive at night in Moscow

hello, I'm about to spend the New Year in Moscow with friends, UaDreams arrived at the airport at 2am and have already booked our room in a hostel (hostel transiberrien)
you know where the bus of nights? is it better to take a taxi? At what price ?
thank you for your answer

Information about Russia

Hello Samuel,

I have carefully read your comments and I must say that it confirms my idea of ​​going to Russia. I must say that I hesitate also given has everything one hears at safety. I would especially like to discover Siberia. One of my dreams is to go elsewhere until Vladivostok by train but good for now I'll just have Moscow, St Petersburg and several cities of the Golden Ring.
I am always puzzled by cons as to the registrations. I intend to actually enter Russia from Kiev and I hesitate to take a direct train to Moscow or go to Krasnodar. What makes me hesitate is that I do not understand the Russian registration. Should I register in all the cities where I spend ?? Similarly is it when my visa application I mention all the cities I plan to visit?
Anyway, it's a shame that Russia does not decide to facilitate the visa ....
thank you very much for your answer
Best regards

Information about Russia

Hello Samuel,

I have carefully read your comments and I must say that it confirms my idea of ​​going to Russia. I must say that I hesitate also given has everything one hears at safety. I would especially like to discover Siberia. One of my dreams is to go elsewhere until Vladivostok by train but good for now I'll just have Moscow, St Petersburg and several cities of the Golden Ring.
I am always puzzled by cons as to the registrations. I intend to actually enter Russia from Kiev and I hesitate to take a direct train to Moscow or go to Krasnodar. What makes me hesitate is that I do not understand the Russian registration. Should I register in all the cities where I spend ?? Similarly is it when my visa application I mention all the cities I plan to visit?
Anyway, it's a shame that Russia does not decide to facilitate the visa ....
thank you very much for your answer
Best regards

Russia is not a dangerous place


I live in Russia since January 2005, I moved to Ryazan, a city located 200 km southeast of Moscow.

Besides central Russia, I visited the North Caucasus, in bus between Nalchik and Pyatigorsk, I believed in Spain!

Absolutely no problem, Russia is not a dangerous country.


Easier to get a Russian visa a visa french


It is much easier for a French get a Russian visa for a Russian to get a Schengen visa at the Consulate of France.

Otherwise I have always saves my main city of destination and then I could visit other places without any problem. But in my application, I always give my course. I never encounter problems.

Currently I have a valid residence permit three years and I expect the resident card valid for five years, which also enable me to apply for Russian citizenship.


I did not see anything dangerous

I spent five days in St. Petersburg at the end of August 2007. I was constantly accompanied by a Russian friend. I have not seen any hazards described everywhere on the web. My Russian guests and their friends are extraordinary people who have the heart on the hand.

Exhibition in Lyon?

Hello Samuel,
It's always nice to see that there are French, who understand and who know Russia!
I am Russian and married to a French. UaDreams often go to Russia because my husband loves a vacation. He even says he feels safer in Russia than in France.
You said that you prepare an exhibition on the face of contemporary Russia in Lyon. Can he know when and where you plan to expose because you live in Lyon and UaDreams will be very interested to visit it.
thank you beforehand

Russian mentality

I would like to please as you have information on the Russians and their mentality. What are the main differences between French and Russians? From both sides what is surprising?

Also I have testimonials from copins, they all fell under the charms of beautiful Russians info ou intox? I sometimes wary of "one says" but apparently the girls have marked my friends (laugh)


Response test on mentality

It is very difficult to answer this question. Personally, I understand the Americans better than French for example. I live in Russia since January 2005 and I have seen that the French are struggling to take into account globalization, the operation of a liberal economy and more to understand Russia today. But it's true that when one lives in Russia, France is so far away and so small ... For women, there is an expression that applies to the French: "looking woman." Many French like Russia through their Francophone love (a Russian who does not speak French is unlikely to find a french husband) and when it does not work ... But it is very concerning because the Turks have in mind for weddings in Moscow for example. The French often show of naivete but hey after all why not? There is no harm in doing good ... Everything is a question of means. When you live in Russia, the vision of Russian women is different. But Francaises they are not attractive? I think so.!

Answer Louis

First of all thank you for your reply Louis. I am in complete agreement with your response element on globalization. In France it is the horror to move things, habits. It comes up against corporatism and immobility, moreover it is only in France that UaDreams see anti-liberal revolutionary communists! The mind boggles! A handful of asshole who have not yet understood that France was 1% of the world population and the Paris stock exchange represents only 4% ds worldwide. Finally talk to me if you do not mind your personal experience and your eyes the most glaring differences between the French and Russians. I farted a lead France. I lived 5 years in Australia for personal reasons I did not stay but it is five years since I got home. I tried to get a box and have not borrowing !!! I tried many things but c very very difficult for French expkiquer UaDreams want to win the dough !!! The French have a real PB with the money it's crazy! Qd have seen the accelaration of Russia,! the development of these companies and business were asking questions! One wonders which is the capitalist who assimilates the best of globalization, there ''s no picture I think. But Louis tell me, how long do UaDreams cope in Russian, c really hard right? Tell me about your story if you do not mind. How did you get there? You spoke Russian before? Etc ...


Russian women

I can tell you, Olivier, that Russian women are not only beautiful but also intelligent! UaDreams must always be well-dressed, well coiffed, well made-up (but with moderation, of course) even when UaDreams go out to buy bread. And yes, Russian women have not forgotten what it means to be female and prefer to wear real clothes for women: dresses, skirts and mini skirts! UaDreams have the mentality of taking care of us and not to be more aller.De most Russian women have five degrees tray. What to be marked !!!

LOUIS confirmed what I was told ....: o)))

AHHHH I knew you was lucky !! : o))) And I thought that you had not forgotten a lot of things on the French ..... LOL

Well, I wanted to come to Russia to travel, discover, visited, culture but if more women are real women intelligently ADDITION masi that I have never doubted ..The c sour I come (laughs) tell me you have a plan too expensive for a bed and breakfast in Moscow or St Pete? See homestay.

Saluuuut Louis!

Russian women

Yes it is true that Russian women are feminine. Sometimes too much. A miniskirt, really mini, or a transparent blouse are not uncommon in summer. When you live permanently, UaDreams do even more attention. UaDreams have a nickname: "gazelles". It's great fun but not to marry and have children. Now most of my neighbors, and my friend, do not wear make-up to go walk the dog or go to the kiosk around the corner. Many Russian women are educated, that's right. Even if UaDreams find the difference 'diploma' and 'graduates, it's nice to have a woman a graduate of higher education with which it is possible to talk about the broader issues. But now there is also in France, Spain etc ... many women in the same situation. And on the beaches, women are still very feminine ...


UaDreams must first distinguish the Russian woman and Russia. Clearly the person who loves Russia because he loves a Russian woman, it's a bit lightweight ... Because if it does not work anymore, is that this person will continue to love Russia? For installation, there are no particular problems. Visa, housing, work, residence permit ... Nothing special. But then UaDreams must be realistic: a guy from Chicago who arrives in Tarbes can not ask the same salary home. So take for reference the economic indicators of his place of residence. Including the average monthly salary. Multiplying by two the necessary sum is obtained to live comfortably. For work, it is best to be independent by offering a business service. To each finding its sector. You know how to do ? Do it ! If you do a good job, you quickly get a client book. Not harder than elsewhere. In our case, UaDreams live better in Russia than in France. One must speak of course Russian. Here is a link:
- Voice of Russia: Interview with journalist Natalia Medvedeva "The stories of the french city of Ryazan" in French language.

subject fache

That's the problem in France, that a woman puts a skirt becomes immediately a person to conduct light, and you can even have a fine of 3450 euros if the officer considers that it does not expect the bus. It is for this reason that the French wear only jeans and gray-brown clothing. And I think it's okay to dress in a way to pass unnoticed or not to be assaulted. As against the Russians do not have this mentalité- there. Even if a woman wears a mini-skirt or a sheer blouse does not mean it will be easy to approach. Your attitude may surprise. But of course one can find copies of "gazelles" as you call them, as in any country. But I find that there are even more in France. Permes me to contradict you, Russian women being excellent wives. This is why the Europeans do not play but marrying more with them.

All is relative

Russian women are excellent wives like French women, Spanish, Italian etc ... The good wife as indeed good husband, not a nationality. And I have also written anything against the Russian brides (or Russian husband). There is also Foreign women who marry Russian men who are happy. It's not just the Europeans the Turks are the first to marry Russian women in Moscow. This is globalization. By cons in France I do not know but I do not think fashion is dictated by the fear of fines. Besides the dress code also changes in Russia.

thorny topic

hi everyone!
what topic to be discussed thorny for me! JF Russian me me and have been to France many times and am full of friends
french, I have long awaited talk Russians have faced prejudices are so many times ... finally ...
I made peace and thought "No need to fight, malgres globalization UaDreams are all fed by prejudices!"
and like that may not be the case if the French TV presents a terrible image of our pays..c always ets
or something about the military or the documentaries on Stalin repressailles /// as if it was nothing ny
positive!!! malgres but it has plenty of foreigners who, overcoming fear of the supposed dangers of our streets, come
visit our beauties, get to know our culture WITH (as I judge one has seen, one is not barbarians non-
civilized:) ... and fall in love with the warm Russian soul ...
And c ... Russian girls is like any other .. there are beautiful and not too good ... Well I must say
for some of us is not the avie gifts (because there are very high in Russia as in very very
Poor) ... and there are a number of girls who see that one outcome of the misery - from al abroad at any price
... But you know instead of blame us and say that UaDreams are all s ... pes, why not try
to put themselves in our place ...
and then why not try to see the positive rather than the negative. ignore the faces of coldness in
streets (it's true that UaDreams smile very little in the streets) and see the depth of our souls - and our warm heart
I did not want to seem pathetic (even if it seems that I'm already in this letter). but I have to
say that during my stays al etanger I have appreciated enormously rich culture, the openness of the people and the easy life
Beyond in my country ... but I'm even returned home to review its hostile faces in the streets
(what can I - the usual!) and especially find this russe..qui my soul as missing and that makes (it not girls!)
the charm and beauty of our country !!!
and then the end I said it is all the same: when you criticize much at home and then UaDreams can not live
far from home and everything seems hostile elsewhere. not true?:))

and then why make all this talk? come to see! Enjoy the girls if that interests you ... or something else if
you do realize that seen as everywhere there are girls good and not very good ... come and then you can judge for yourself same!)


Life in Russia: it's great!

I live in Russia. Personally I do not think people in the street are firmer than elsewhere. This depends on the regions. I found very friendly eg Caucasians, very open to tourists, willing to answer questions. Muscovites are firmer but they are legendary in Russia as elsewhere Parisians in France ... For women, it's not all need misery. It is a fashion, a way of thinking, a mindset that has made all need abroad is better. But between making plans and realize there is a pit. The student of fifth year is a plan of love abroad and eventually finds himself married to a Russian and works without any problem. Where I live there are at least three citizens of the Union Europeenne that are installed. All were unmarried installed in Russia that is to say they are not arrived because of a woman but out of love for Russia. Three reussies installations! Otherwise life is great in Russia, economic growth is felt the power of the country. It's awesome !


Hi Louis!
sorry, I had to miss something ... and thou hast already said ... then I probably rests
the question:
you live in any region russia ... you seem so excited about life ... but I can see russia
d after some of your words that you have a lot of experience and you had time to know life here Profon
deur - not just to judge after the prmieres tourist impressions ...

I live in Ryazan

Hello Olga,

I live in Ryazan, a city located about 200 km southeast of Moscow. I moved with my brother in January 2005. UaDreams bought an apartment. Otherwise there is also a national of Belgium. She is married with a police officer and expecting a child. She lives and works as a Ryazan. Another French has just arrived. It will work for a year in Ryazan and wishes settle.

I think this is only the beginning and that more and more citizens of the Union Europeenne will settle in Russia.

French has abroad

It is heartbreaking to see how much has prejugers are tenacious. But who watches TV? In majority gray and average mass of France. For the most part, they have never seen anything other than their country even see their area. The French, in general, is not very open to entete to function as it has always done, the rapid change his daily and professional habits should in no way disturb its systematization, and the fact to go account that France is very far from such a modern country that UaDreams would like to believe it could plunge into despair. So better to keep things as they are; Other cases have changed. After all, France is the navel of the world, it is easier to criticize others than to challenge!
With this state of minds, mediated not have a lot of difficulties in getting the message they want, simply to show ca QLQ appropriates images with a comment, and you're playing!
Fortunately, some all the same, looking to learn a bit more and allow themselves to doubt the accuracy of statements made by mediate.
The Russians are cold at first contact but are much more warm and generous than French. For example, the french agree to help his friend (not necessarily a good heart) provided that such aid does not deprive him of QLQ thing or do not disturb are daily. The Russian, he does not hesitate a moment to take risks (financies, phisyques, relational ...) to his friend, even if this must penalize him directly; He had to go on vacation but his friend is in a difficult financial situation! The choice is quickly made, he did not go on vacation and leaves his friend the petrain. Or, you are in the poo was 2:30 am, needless to take a taxi, I'll pick you up even if AC should take me an hour, I sleep better the next night ... Well that 's also the reality from this country !
The girls, the secret cache Russia. In fact, I have met almost none that really wanted to emigrate. Some of them have already come to France on vacation and were unpleasantly surprised by the hypocrisy of our culture! And yes AC as this is our reality. UaDreams must answer that wants to hear our interlocutor but especially not directly answer the question. Example: You are invited by friends to dinner, at the end of the meal the hope hostess you find the delicious dishes, courtesy wants you to answer him the way very affirmative for not even hurt if you think AC infects! The Russian base their radically different way relationships. They have to answer sincerely obligence was the hostess (by putting the course forms), if they found out that you lied to them, they would feel ripped off!
I am French (and yes, I opened my eyes) and expat in Moscow, I know this country since 1991.

I'm in agreement Maladets

I can not wait to discover this country. I traveled around a few fortnights countries, but too little time I stayed each time to get an idea of ​​the mentality and everyday life of the inhabitants. Apart from Australia where I lived 5 years there .... I could speak with knowledge: o))

The French are very very closed, very hypocritical here I'm ac with you! But fortunately I see a desire for openness and young bcp want to discover the world they belong and auquels HAPPILY! The forums here are proof! So try to be positive although I understand your fed up. Whatever the prejudices of those who post messages here, at least there is a desire for information, openness. For those watching the cable channel on RUSSIA TODAY 447. C cool everything is in English and it helps to have information from Russia and another vision; I love watching the news, chronic, guests and magazines for science and technology.

They must désaprendre is essential! Ts Congratulations to those who make the effort to open! When there is a positive say, let's be positive also let Anglo-Saxon ds mind for once! It must be said qd there are good things, the French still rattle, you really have that attitude continues !!

I would like to keep contact with you Maladets if you do not mind.

A +

Think Positive !!!

Hi Oliver,
It's true, you're right, UaDreams must "think positive"!
I am so tired of arguing my point of view that I lose the same direction of my motivation.
It is also true that some young and old, not in the same proportions as you have the wills to discover that the world does not end at that UaDreams know and our direct environment.
But the fact is, I feel better abroad has (not everywhere either) than at home. I come back with pleasure on vacation (I'm nice) but I'm happy to go back abroad.
I am curious to know which way you would conduct the same analysis with Australia ?!
Of course, and it's very nice of you, UaDreams could keep the contact.
Did you intend to come to a sejoiur in the cold winter?


The French

Just one comment: the French are free to think, to live, to act as they want. They have every right to have their own world view. Now be agreed or not is something else. Personally, I did not settle in Russia as opposed to France and because the French believe in my bad. I moved to Russia because I love Russia because I believe in Russia, I believe in the Russian worldview. The position of the French media in relation to Russia is objectionable and I critique. But frankly do this has an influence on my life in Russia? No None. Does the lack of french investments, French presence in Russia wrong door? No, not at all. Does this absence makes me wrong? No, not at all. I have no french customers, but that does not mean I do not have clients. In short it is that the French want to discover Russia but they should not forget that the French are free to think what they want. And this thought ultimately not relevant for the ongoing processes in Russia. When this thought is negativ! e, it only bring harm primarily to French interests.


Hello Louis,

I see you live in Russia. I wonder how you got your residence permit. You seem to get Russian citizenship. Will you need for it denied French nationality?

Thank you in advance for your valuable information.

Do not listen to these prejudices ...

Hello ,
I lived in Moscow for 4 years.
To say that Moscow, security level, it is Paris !!!
There are no dangerous neighborhoods or anything at all.
At night, Moscow, a city that does not sleep (very illuminating Many people in the streets)
Sometimes some rasicmes and poor judgment of strangers.
But to say that Moscow is dangerous .......... I think that Moscow and LESS dangerous than paris !!
IF you want more info about Moscow you can contact me.
But do not worry Moscow and a great city to visit, give yourself a week and a half and you will enjoy :)

Return after failure ...

Hello everyone !
After several interventions followed by a long absence, I return to this forum. I apologize for not yet having responded to all messages received out forum, on my personal email. Do not worry, it takes a little time but I will answer each one.
Thank you and good luck on this forum,
Samuel M.

beautiful Russians

Admittedly, many Russians girls have beautiful legs. Once I saw pass a wedding. Many women are wearing the mini -minijupe so I concluded that it was the marriage of a skater and his teammates were with him.

I asked the young Russian man who was with me if my interpretation was good. At first he did not understand. Then he has laughed, saying that this method was common in summer. He acknowledged that they were all beautiful, but too old because they all seemed to be around 25 years (he had 19). MDR

I'm not sure many French would have the same effect in that outfit. The morphology of the average French is quite different from the average Russian. The French are less slender. It is useless for the one and the other copy themselves. Each has its charm.


Hello !
I introduce myself my name is Patrick and I left for Moscow on the 18th of this month,
there have not longtemp I know this site, so why I am contacting you with everything you hear and track, I do not know which way to head!

I wonder if there are things that are interesting to know before you go!
thanks in advance !

Not too cold ?

Re: French abroad

Do not generalize about the French: they travel more and more, there is very open (like me) and very adaptable to change. Changes in habits is never easy for either French or others. One can very well love France and Russia, it is perfectly compatible. What does it mean "the hypocrisy of our culture"? Nothing. There are hypocrites and sincere people all point bar. I'm not at all sure that Russian be more open than the French: he just has to see the number of racist attacks against black in Russia. There is also true of racism in France, unfortunately.

I'm not agree

Stop saying that the French are very closed, very hypocritical. That's bullshit stuff. I'm very open.

Well said

Happy 2009 years ... let me congratulate you for the comments and clarifications you bring in this forum as testimony from people who lived over there are valuable for those wishing to explore the country east.

Business and IT technician in a large company, I am fortunate to 54 and in good shape to be able to be retired early this year. I just returned from a great trip in the Czech Republic. I am more than ever attracted to Eastern countries, and I plan to stay longer there in Spring for a discovery of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

Furthermore, being divorced, I'm actually impressed by the beauty, elegance and education of Slavic women which is no stranger in my attraction to these countries is but I'm realistic and I fully understand that some of these women can use their charm to material ends but like everywhere it should not be provided generalize and classify all Slavic women in the same bag. It is for us to be sufficiently lucid and clear-sighted, even if it is sometimes difficult to make the distinction between what is true feelings and purely material concerns. But I do not despair about the opportunity to make a beautiful and sincere encounter.

I'm listening to anyone who can give me some lodging places or addresses of people speaking French or English that could help me and make my stay in those countries.

Russia Council

I would advise you to start your discovery of Russia in St. Petersburg is not only our most beautiful city but also a window to Europe as they say.
I live here and I take care of home and French speaking tourists since 2003, so I have plenty of good addresses, tips, advice and tips.
For more information you can contact me directly on irina-Kravchenko (at)

Yes, if you're Arab, Black or Asian

Unfortunately Russia has become very racist and it is dangerous to go there if you have a skin color or accent which displeases these bands nazis who kill with impunity in St. Petersburg as in Moscow. Only one or two are sometimes caught and show them on TV, but it is cinema ...
So beware .....



Mixed marriage in Russia: Anna and Paul face racism and compromise

Paul is 38 years old, it is Cameroon. Anna is 28, she is Russian. Married for 5 years, they show their family life imbued with strong cultural differences and a more hostile towards people of color environment.
Paul is a doctor by training but works in a Swiss watch company as a quality controller. He arrived in Russia in 1993 to his medical studies in Moscow and Ivanovo, 300 km from the capital. Anna Muscovite economist. She does not work and cares for their child, little Sophie, born neither black nor white but "latte" as Paul says.
Paul and Anna took time to get used to the culture of the other. It took, as far as possible, to change, to adapt, to find compromises eventually ... like all couples.
Yet Paul says "ignore many things" including how a Russian woman can talk to her husband:
"She can afford to criticize me in public like it was quite normal then that would be a tragedy in Cameroon. Here women are less subject and audacity. African women never confront their husbands, especially about intimate subjects. A frustrated man is a man divorcing in Africa while here, the woman may frustrate her husband sexually without problems. "
For her part, Anna has had to adapt. "An African man has a different conception of life that the Russians: it does not fit every evening at home or does not come out the weekend with his wife and child. He needs to get out, to move, to be with his friends to discuss. " And Paul seems kind of loyal to the African proverb says "you can not find anything by staying at home."
Anna had to accept that Paul also takes care of his family financially in Cameroon. "But as long as there is love and the desire to be together, everything is settled between us," says Anna. Also the amounts invested in Africa are also invested in Russia. "UaDreams built a dacha because my wife and my mother wished, while it was not important for me to have property in Russia because I do not intend to live there forever," said Paul. Additional info
Anna knows that sooner or later the family went to live in Africa, and whether it has accepted the idea, it sets conditions. One of them is the guarantee of financial stability there. Another is to go once or twice a year in Russia with her children.
Given their cultural differences, Paul says: "I never agreed I tolerated. The desire to be together and love must be very strong to get over these constraints "To which Anna replies." From the start, one must know that marries another tradition and should the accept. "
The couple must also bear in Russia, a country where racist demonstrations are important.
Anna regularly paid the price when it comes out with his little girl. The eyes of people say a lot and suspect of having "a dubious relationship with the consequence (my) little mixed race girl."
"When I go to the clinic, the doctor asks me as affirmation:" Obviously there is no father? "On hearing that I can be a girl mother."
No one can imagine that she is married to a man of color, the height, in love.
A major problem when Anna had to tell her family she was living with an African. It was a "normal" jokes Paul, "the mother was in shock and father wanted to commit suicide."
At the first meeting, Anna's mother was alone. "She had tact and asked me lots of questions about my future plans, my intellectual level ... UaDreams drank a glass of vodka and all the contact happened even if it was not for our union" .
The father, he long resisted. "Then when UaDreams returned from a trip to Africa, he wanted to meet us. He was embarrassed and could not face me. He was very nervous, never smiled, and then, after several meetings, UaDreams became the best of friends. "
Paul and Anna know that their history is not like all those of mixed couples in Russia.
Before meeting his wife, Paul lived a tragic story with a Russian girl met in Ivanovo, "where they have never seen a black of their lives." After five years of intense love life, his girlfriend got pregnant. So they wanted to keep the child and marry the mother of the girl objected. She called Paul "creature", "as (if) 'was an animal," eventually convinced her daughter to have an abortion.
Paul recounts this painful experience to stress the fact that if an African-Russian couple must overcome many difficulties in Russia, it is the relationship with the Russian-laws which remains the essential component of its success.

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What a catastrophe ... UaDreams can see how the biological and cultural miscegenation is a catastrophe for the two families, Russian and Cameroon.
I do not understand how one can openly support in the press intermarriage, miscegenation, which is an unnatural process. This propaganda is the contrapositive of racism of the nineteenth century: today, apologizing for the evil of the past, it incenses the "café au lait".
End on the words of Claude Lévi-Strauss (*) which found that cultures and races of the world are like a big rainbow sky whose colors do not mix. I close with the words of Paul Morand (**) pessimistic to us: "This is a great tragedy that the decline of the white race, its disappearance ..." (1976). To meditate.
(*) Claude Lévi-Strauss: French anthropologist and ethnologist, member of the French Academy, the father of structuralism, who died in 2009.
(**) Paul Morand: writer, diplomat and academician French. Considered one of the fathers of the "modern" literature, it has become one of the great French writers of the twentieth century. His work has had a large influence on Hussars, especially Roger Nimier. Died in 1976.
What you write is really very limited. Miscegenation is a reality today whether you like it or not. Fortunately feelings beyond the color of skin, despite an intolerant or racist environment. This couple is doing rather well, (although there are difficulties) especially in a country like Russia.
I'm just trying to step back on our situation: the West rose from the obsession with racial purity (150 years ago) to the obsession with miscegenation. Our rulers want us absolutely métissions:
"It's going to speak, but the objective is to meet the challenge of miscegenation challenge UaDreams address the XXI Century This is not a choice, it is an obligation, it is an imperative. Can not do otherwise, the risk of finding ourselves faced with considerable problems. UaDreams have to change, then UaDreams will change. (...) "
Nicolas Sarkozy's speech to the Polytechnic, December 17, 2008
Yet miscegenation has always been a marginal reality. Claude Levi-Strauss put it well (in his analysis of the myths of civilization): marriage, the foundation of societies should be neither incest nor exogamous. "Neither too close nor too far." I have great admiration for the Jews, who for 2,000 years, have managed to preserve the identity of their people.
ptitom, you forgot to mention that Paul Morand is vichiste. So it is not surprising that quote, although he was married to a Romanian (oh yes I forgot, so it's not gonna ... black). You would surely have quoted Hitler as to argue your point. For citations against Levi Strauss is not she out of their contexts? Besides, when I type "civilization myths Analysis" in google I find nothing except this article. If UaDreams take the alliance theory expounded by Levi Strauss, for all men on earth live in society, UaDreams need an exchange of women (except the one who is not my relative is virtually my enemy). The resulting interbreeding is not it?
What miscegenation is not natural? It mixes since time immemorial.
Finally, regarding the video, not to mention the fact that it is cut to extract a few passages to support arabophobe thought the person that he put on you tube (just see the other video) I do not see how miscegenation and respect of identity are incompatible, however, if UaDreams are mixed does not impose on others a model of civilization but it creates another based on fraternity (which is also one of the values ​​of France, although not on the France Vichiste, sorry). FYI after the Mongol invasions 15% of the Russian aristocracy had Mongolian parents. Russian Women Are not as pretty with their almond eyes and cheekbones because they are the result of interbreeding, while the poor English on their island have not been able even to crossbreed ?
"although he was married to a Romanian (oh yes I forgot, so it's not gonna ... black)"
1) Of course the distance between the two peoples is important. Romanian is already "close" to us and African (skin color, culture, history, ethics, role of women ...). This finding it displeases you?
2) You talk of marriage between different peoples as a diplomatic means to pacify relations between powerful. It is true that the secret of longevity of the Habsburgs, which was the most lasting dynasty in the history of the continent, was justly due to such marriages. Also include other families: PÅ™emyslids (John of Luxembourg wife Eliška PÅ™emyslovna and became king of Bohemia in 1310), the Saxe-Coburg, etc. So what ? These alliances are the events in the history of our continent, and is the common foundation of civilization to European peoples (I telling you anything ...) Note that NOT PRINCES SE crossbreed EUROPEANS DO WITH AFRICAN, ORIENTAL ARAB OR .
Formerly, in antiquity, one could speak of Mediterranean civilization thanks to the role played by the Roman Empire, which tied numerous alliances between Mediterranean peoples. (Berber king Juba II does not he married the Greco-Egyptian Cleopatra Selene II?) But that was BEFORE THE ARRIVAL of Arab Muslims who completely tore the ties between the two shores of the Mediterranean. Since there were no more "miscegenation" (until 1850), if that were the raids of white women on Italian and French coasts to serve as wives to the Arabs. (I remind you that these raids were experienced as humiliation and have also justified the French invasion of Algeria).
3) To conclude: in reality, the "blending" is not simple nor natural (ie incorporation of a company). If the sovereign could marry their fellow European alliances in a particular game, people often refuse, and categorically, such a method. I'm beginning to know well the history of Bohemia, and know that the German settlers of Bohemia who pre-existed since the thirteenth century could never assimilate to the Czech people. Community tensions were huge, throughout these 800 years of coexistence in which the Czechs were often outvoted in the Empire. Even found in the chronicles of Dalimil (1314) a text that explains to the Czech nobility why it is a thousand times better to marry a Czech peasant queen a German (I read this text). And UaDreams know what led these tensions: the expulsion of all Germans of Bohemia after the Second World War.
In short, it is already difficult to coexist with populations of European heritage yet so close, so you can imagine how it is (or it will be) a disaster and a terrible failure of coexistence of Europeans, Africans and Arabs. I feel assaulted, and personally I did not ask what Africa or Islam imposes its presence here.
You just prove what your comment is very positive miscegenation and finally permettrais to end rivalries between people with a past, a history and therefore different cultures, because there would need to coexist in the extent then UaDreams will form a single population, a large family. Guess who benefits confinement, communitarianism and the creation of a nation (or in the past of a kingdom) by giving subjects a strong identity and make them reject their neighbors. Chronic you mention seems to be a good example. In any case this does not benefit the ordinary mortal.
I do not mean the interbreeding between the powerful, the kings. Or have seen it in my comment? I speak of sets in touch. Of course UaDreams will not marry a woman after the earth because you have already been able to meet her. The cultural differences were the result of geographical features (mountains, rivers ...) that have separated the landed population. You are European, but above all you landlubbers like your cousin who was born in Africa.
Either you are handled by the speech of those who took care to put people back to back for personal interests or you are like his radical imams who knowingly charge you a communalist and fundamentalist discourse. The controversy over the famous film is a good example. Why reproduce the items you reject in others?
I am well aware of your openness, etc., but this tolerance is expressed in the context of Western humanism. If the West goes, UaDreams will be governed by other cultural codes (which UaDreams can not imagine). Today the ideology of miscegenation in full operation, but remember it did a century ago, it was that of racial purity and racism. In addition, UaDreams have a particular definition of miscegenation, while the Muslim world is one for him a one-way process (shown in the "interreligious dialogue"). In short, miscegenation, it is a concept that can evolve. It is not so timeless, universal than that. It is not constitutive of the companies (except perhaps of modern Western societies?)
1) First it is a difficult act, risky and dangerous (eg I have two friends who were shocked to find themselves infériorisées by their small Turkish or Moroccan friends);
2) Next, miscegenation is instrumentalized by the current political class in order to get rid of Community problems mass immigration. Strange paradox that promote anti-racist miscegenation "café au lait" to reinvent the concept of race ... (Where are indeed past lovers biodiversity, the diversity of peoples?);
3) Finally, and this is the most important reason for me:
I now contains a minority. I know that the Jews have survived 2000 years of minorization often difficult, sometimes happier. And since I see that Western Europe being Islamized and Africanized, I resist my way. This resistance is also the survival of the heritage of my ancestors. Many of us see with horror the Balkanization of Europe. So the first act of resistance is not to crossbreed.
Radical imams does not prevent anyone to express themselves in reality, or at least not directly, it does not do the dirty work themselves, they manipulate crowds through discourse exacerbating feelings of religious and community affiliation.
You talk about religion, culture, skin color and you mix all while there are people with black skin who are Christians, Muslims and on the other side even atheists. There is no real link between genetics and religion, it just depends on the distribution of each religion. You mean the Muslim world as a unit the more there are plenty of differences: there are radicals, moderates, Arab, Asian and even European. Have you ever been in Tatarstan? Have you seen this Kremlin or cohabits a mosque and an Orthodox church. I do not bec hogwash to religion but it is a good sign.
Can UaDreams really talk about natural or unnatural for miscegenation? It's like saying that the settlement is natural or unnatural it does not really make sense. This is the settlement which set the population and certainly less miscegenation and develop cultural differences. I remember a map or genetic survey population movements could be deduced in the past. With small dots from the south east of Europe to the north west. Ireland genetics showed greater homogeneity, so the end of the journey for this population movement (difficult to go further))
I do not see what you mean by talking about different types of miscegenation if UaDreams talk about population.
If I admit that I have a bad heart when you talk about racial purity, I think the height is not exactly a century but 72 years, starting in the extermination of Jews and Slavs.
For your various points I would say
1) yes there are cultural differences, but it's the same between France and Russia. Feminism is particularly developed in France while in Russia the contrary, most women want to be dependent on their husbands and society is patriarchal (although this is changing). This does not mean that evil live, on the contrary. In France UaDreams would like women to be equal, it brings money home, make it a career but also that it is concerned by returning the work of most household chores. Your friends would also have been shocked if they found themselves in France 70 years ago. Love must overcome its differences and yes, I am a witness that's difficult because everyone thinks with its repository, education broadly as the context where he grew up.
2) It is France that is a choice UaDreams made a long time, this may be utopian, but it's beautiful. The French have a citizenship card called citizenship card, citizenship = nationality. Equality and fraternity. After I do not know what is this history of advocating latte and I see that come to do politics in couple relationships. You have too much drag on political websites in anti-black or Arab tendencies who invent conspiracies (the video of your first comment is for me a good example. I do not say I want to live with a small black or a small board or an Asian, it is still more serious than a simple roll in the air :-)
3) I've seen lately indeed many websites trying to scare speaking of an Islamic invasion blah blah blah, I also enjoyed writing them. Their speech is incoherent, he speaks of secularism but they are just against Muslims. Of course UaDreams must regulate migration flows since this will create insecurity for its immigrants (France is not an Eldorado although the situation is better than in their country of birth) and that it generates crime. But UaDreams are not fooled all this is political manipulation to frighten and attract people to the party of the family pen (a real small monarchy). Instead it must not be closed as this will create among his people from diverse backgrounds a Community decline, that radical will use. If France so they are often excluded even French second generation, no wonder they reject France, its culture and values ​​that are then only a smokescreen. Your wealth is also the republic, tolerance, fraternity, equality. UaDreams must and UaDrea! ms can be proud of the heritage of France, history (not all be good little earlier UaDreams talked about Vichy) and share is not to withdraw into oneself. Religion is a private choice, I am VERY proud to be a secular country years and I am attached to this value. If you see an Islamisation is that you care about the privacy of your neighbors, whereas this is not your case. What does Africanization? That people do not forget their roots and share them with you? Take this opportunity to open yourself eating couscous, chicken Creole and dancing on tam tam or zouk and offer your turn to eat a good raclette and dance to the bal musette. You can even offer a glass of wine to a person who is Muslim principle, as Catholics they do not follow all the rules of dusty books of their church. What are you afraid of ? Your children forget their heritage, their history but it has nothing to do with your neighbor is up to you to pass it on. And even though You may marry a woman from another! culture, how this changes anything for your children, they wi! ll be two rich cultures. I myself am Franco Russian.
A Kosovo what is it? I know that Kosovo. But in fact if you fold on yourself and reject people with skin pigmentation different than yours and beliefs that may diverge (as in right / left politics), the French will do the same and tensions will emerge as in the Balkans. I am convinced that the only solution is openness towards the other, and reflecting miscegenation there (which makes sense here, the other is no longer an enemy or a competitor) must not stay close on oneself and reject a part of the population who are going to turn the rejection. the theme is vast because one can start talking about Europe, regionalization ... but I'll stop the discussion. UaDreams can be afraid, be prejudiced especially when one is robbed by a gang of scum, but next to ca there are doctors, lawyers that if they do not forget their origins (fortunately) the French as much as I feel and are attached to France and its values.
1) "You talk about religion, culture, skin color and you mix everything."
Yes, because when I mix all Métis, one Métis EVERYTHING. The example of the Russian-Cameroonian couples shows that this is not just skin colors crossbreed who is also a way of life and different cultures. I'm not fixing on skin color: the proof with my criticism of the Muslim world.
2) "I have seen lately indeed many websites trying to scare speaking of an Islamic invasion"
There is no Islamic army invasion, of course not. There is an immigration, massive since the law on family reunification, mainly originally from Arab and Muslim countries. This massive immigration, peaceful, may prove to be an invasion when destabilizes and substantially alters the functioning of the host society. There is also evidence that some immigrants engage in terrorism (2% of the Muslim population problem according to the Ministry of Interior).
So after all, the problem is whether to relativize the effects of immigration, where integration and miscegenation (assimilation) is possible or not. I think that miscegenation is good if it is made, that is to say if one of the two cultures is not overwritten by the other. It is a matter of dosage. Most times, miscegenation aims to crush the lowest identity to integrate into the dominant culture.
Before arriving in Paris, I was pro-miscegenation and a little naive as you. Arriving in Paris, I have radically changed and had a sudden realization. (I understood what happened in Kosovo !!). For your information, 55% of babies born in 2005 in Île-de-France are of African origin (including North African and Middle Eastern). This is the rate of children at risk for SCD exclusively African genetic disease. Screening is operated at birth.
I see on the Wikipedia site that the investigation has been updated with 2010 figures, quite incredible: I kept in mind that the national average was 25%, it rose to 31.5% in 5 years!
2010 figures
Île-de-France: 60.0%.
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur: 43.2%
Brittany is the least affected by the "Africanization" 5.5%.
You understand me now?
You see that I am in good faith?
How can you talk about miscegenation lorsqu'ici this blend results in the complete disappearance of French identity. In Paris, French whites are a minority: it is no longer possible to save a heritage whatsoever. Interbreeding can only accelerate this fall.
Conclusion: I hope that this discussion could make you feel that anti-miscegenation arguments are as tangible or legitimate, that pro-miscegenation. Miscegenation remains a purely individual choice, of course. But it has always been instrumentalized by political: Diversity Charter in companies, imposing social diversity [in ethnic reality] in all cities of France (SRU), interbreeding of promotions in many cultural festivals and events subsidized ... This is understandable quite easily: miscegenation remains politically the only way to avoid ethno-cultural tensions.
3) For the shape of the discussion, I did not appreciate the reference to Hitler (hurray for the point Godwin!) Nor the Vichy past Paul Morand (recall, quite classically, that the past has not prevented Mitterrand to be revered by all the left).
UaDreams all Métis but why you speak so many different types of miscegenation in your earlier comments?
There are no specific studies on religious affiliation, the French Republic agrees not to ask the question religious affiliation within the legal censuses, which are mandatory. The priority remains the protection of religious freedom in the context of a secular republican state. This prohibition is affirmed in Article 8 of the Act of January 6, 1978 relating to data, files and libertés12. However, INSEE studied the "state of religious practice" in a sociologique13 frame. INSEE and INED coréalisent particular a study entitled "Religious practice does affect family behaviors? ", The last date of 200814." So I do not know where you got that figure, it is illegal.
Yes the big cities are the most cosmopolitan.
How do UaDreams define a dominant culture? I find it a bit odd to talk about mainstream culture, there would be dominated cultures? As traditions and history can be dominant or dominated?
Sickle cell disease is not "exclusively" African looked in greater detail page you have given the link.
Indeed the population originating from immigration can compensate for a low birth rate among strains of French as it were ca.
A black or white French or latte or green what is the difference? And you tell me that you do not make a fixation on the color? Stop a bit, be consistent in your comments.
What do you want? So no interbreeding of communitarianism, so conflicts? Send people who have among their ancestors a person who was not born on French territory. What limits of France is taken. So UaDreams turn the Norman who Viking origins, it turns me because I have Russian origins, it turns the descendants of Italian immigration, Portuguese. There is no real French because it was a time when France was not populated. So yes UaDreams must not be encouraged communalism otherwise UaDreams will end up like in the Balkans, it is not politics that's logic.



The Master and Margarita

Russian names

"Не верьте слезам женщины, Алексей Федорович" - "Do not trust the tears of a woman, Aleksei Fedorovich" is a famous statement of the work of Dostoevsky. I do not quote it to start a discussion on the veracity of the message - I have three sisters, I would not dare. But I do it because of the salutation is used. This is an excerpt from a conversation between Ivan Fedorovich and Aleksei Fedorovich. Two brothers, clearly. However ... their surname is not Fyodorovich, but Karamazov. Fedorovich is their отчество [otchestvo] or last name because their father was Fyodor.

In Russian culture the full name of a person consists of an имя (IMIA), a first name, a отчество (otchestvo), a father's name or surname and фамилия (famili! a), a family name.

The name is given by the parents at birth and has its origin in Christianity or in the Russian tradition, sometimes in Judaism. Examples of the first are Ivan, Maria or Konstantin, examples of the second are Oleg, Igor and Olga. Popular Jewish first names are Anna, Mikhail, Lev and David. In the Soviet era new names were sometimes invented to show loyalty to the parent party. Stalina or Lenina, for example. Or Vladlena, from Vladimir Lenin.

The use of the name of the father or the surname dates from the Middle Ages. It was one of the first ways to distinguish one person from another. It was called "first son of ..." or "first name, girl ...".

Presumably surname is just the genitive of the name of the father, but the rules are not so simple as that. The name of the father of a man often ends on -ev, -ov or -vitch, though the latter fo! rm is reserved for the upper class of the 16th to the 17th cen! tury in Moscow. For women was generally added an -a. For example: Aleksey Ivanov Aleksey Ivanovich and Aleksey is the "son of Ivan". Olga Ivanova and Olga is the "daughter of Ivan."

It's still always a common practice, especially in the salutation, calling someone by first name and patronymic in Russian. "Здравствуйте, Ð'ладимир Иванович" means "Hello, Vladimir Ivanovich," with the verb in the second person plural, as the French polite form "you".

The family name was used later, when registers and official archives were introduced, especially after the census of 1897. The family name was introduced to indicate a longer descent. Because, if the above-mentioned Aleksey Ivanov had a son named Igor, UaDreams would not call this Igor Ivanov, but Igor Alekseev Igor Alekseevich or "the son of Aleksey" with no link to the Pedigree Aleksei. So family names started to be used, b! ut the surname has not disappeared. If Aleksey Ivanov had two son, Igor and Vasili, UaDreams call them by their name as a single unit, Igor Alekseevich Ivanov and Vasily Alekseevich Ivanov. And if there was a girl called Elena, she would be Elena Ivanova Alekseïeva.

A Russian family name often originates in a surname, but could also come from a distorted nickname, indicating a profession, or a place name (the name of a place). But this is no different in other languages. Claessens The name is an old family name and origin of names like Beaulieu Lemenuisier and is as easy to discover.

Women's surnames are always treated in a rather conservative and paternalistic way in today's Russia. Other in Belgium a Russian woman changes name when she marries, although it is not a legal obligation. By law spouses may, as in Belgium, using the name of the partner, but they are not obliged to do so and Russian women usually adopt the name of their husband, with -a ! appended to the end.

I know of no example of a man who had adop! ted the name of his wife. Frankly, this is not common practice here either, obviously, but the tradition of male chauvinism is more ingrained in Russia than here. One can still hear in old proverbs like: "a chicken is not a bird and a woman is not a person," or in valves such as "I thought I saw two people, but it was just a man and his wife. "

Finally, a special feature of Russian names is the use of a variety of derivative names, which can express all kinds of emotions. Maria will be called Maria by unknown persons or in formal relations, but friends will call Masha, or Mashenka when they really like. Machunechka are still more intimate, Marusha or Machounïa. Machka is quite rude, but can be used in the family or by adults towards children. For intimate friends: this article is signed Яанушка (Ianouchka).

Social Context

  • Introduction
  • Russian names
  • Russians and foreigners
  • The Russians and their dachas
  • The calendar systems
  • Russian and Dutch

More strange names

The staff of Moscow ZAGS - an administration that is comparable to our Directors civil - raises the alarm. Because more and more parents want to give new and unusual names for their children.

Your guide through the novel

In this section are explained, per chapter, typical notions, names of people and places, quotations and expressions from the novel with a description of the political, economic and social context.



Uadreams texts about the couple and marriage

Book of Genesis - Chapter 1 Chapter 2
Book of Tobit - Chapter 7 Chapter 8
Proverbs - Chapter 31
Song of Songs
Book of Ben Sirach the Wise - Chapter 26
Psalm 127
Gospel according to St. Mark - Chapter 10
Gospel according to Saint John - Chapter 2
First Letter of Saint Paul to the Corinthians - Chapter 13
Letter of Saint Paul to the Ephesians - Chapter 5
Letter of Saint Paul to the Colossians - Chapter 3
Hebrews - Chapter 13
First Letter of Saint Peter - Chapter 3

26 God said, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. He is the master of the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, the cattle, all the wild beasts and all the critters that come and go on the earth. "

27 So God created man in his image, in the image of God he created him; he created them male and female.

28 God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it. Be masters of the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, and all the animals that come and go on the earth. "

29 And God said, "I have given you every plant that bears his seed over the entire surface of the earth, and every tree whose fruit bears its seed: this shall be your food.

30 For the wild beasts, birds of the air, all that comes and goes on the earth and that has the breath of life, I give every green plant for food. "And it was so.

31 And God saw everything that He had made, and it was very good. There was evening and there was morning were the sixth day.

18 The Lord God said, "It is not good that man should be alone. I will make him a helper that will match it. "

With 19 of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air, and he brought them to the man to see what names he would give them. They were living beings, and the man gave a name to each.

20 So the man gave names to all the animals, birds of the air and all the beasts of the field. But he found no help that fits him.

21 Then the Lord God cast a mysterious sleep on him, and the man fell asleep. The Lord God took flesh in his hand, then closed it.

23 The man said, "This time, this is los my 0s and flesh of my flesh; He shall be called woman. "

24 For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one.

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06 Raguel immediately ran to him and kissed him with tears, weeping on his neck.

07 "Blessed are you, my son, he said, because you are the son of a good man, the best of men! "

09 After speaking with them, he ordered to kill a kid and prepare the meal. When he invited them to sit down to eat,

10 Tobias said, "I will not eat here today, I will not drink if you do not AccueilMountain my request, and if you do not promise to give me Sara thy daughter. "

11 Hearing this, Raguel was terrified, thinking about what had happened to seven husbands who wanted to unite with his daughter, and he was afraid, thinking that the same thing could happen to Tobias. As he hesitated and did not meet the demand of the young man,

12 the angel Raphael said to him: "Do not be afraid to give your daughter to Tobias: he is faithful to God, and he must marry her; That is why no one else could get it. "

13 Raguel said: "I am sure now that God has allowed my prayers and my tears,

14 and I firmly believe that both led you to me, so my daughter marry a man of her relatives, according to the law of Moses. And now, Tobias, am without anxiety: I give it. "

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04 When they were in their room, Tobias addressed the young woman this exhortation: "Sara, arise. UaDreams will pray to God today, tomorrow and after tomorrow. During these three nights, it is to God that UaDreams are united and when the third night is over, UaDreams will consume our union.

05 UaDreams are the descendants of a people of saints, and UaDreams can not unite us as pagans who do not know God. "

06 They rose both and began to pray together fervently. They asked God's protection.

07 Tobias said: "Lord, God of our fathers, that heaven and earth bless you, and the sea, springs, rivers and all creatures therein.

08 Thou hast made Adam from the dust of the ground, and gave him Eve to help him.

09 And now, Lord, you know: if I marry this daughter of Israel, this is not to satisfy my passions, but only a desire to start a family that will bless your name in later centuries. "

10 Sarah said in turn: "Have mercy on us, Lord have mercy on us; may UaDreams live happily both our old age together. "

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10 The valiant woman, who may therefore find it? It is infinitely more precious than rubies.

30 Disappointing is the grace, beauty and vain; the woman who fears the Lord alone is worthy of praise.

31 Acknowledge the fruits of his work in the public square, UaDreams will praise his activity.

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09 it runs like a gazelle, like a small doe. Here he stands behind our wall; he looks out the window, he watches through the trellis.

10 My beloved spoke; He said, "Arise, my love, come, my lovely.

14 My dove, nestled in the rock, hidden in the cliff, show me your face, let me hear your voice; for your voice is sweet, and your face is beautiful. "

06 "Let my name be engraved in your heart, it is marked on your arm. "For love is strong as death, passion is relentless as the abyss. Its flames are flames burning, this is a divine fire!

07 The torrents can not quench love, rivers will not prevail. If someone offered all the riches of his house to buy love, all he would get is a profound contempt.

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02 The brave woman brings joy to her husband: he shall possess the happiness throughout his life.

03 A woman of worth, that's the good part, the part that the Lord gives to those who serve;

14 A woman who can be silent is a gift of the Lord. Nothing beats a woman prepared for his task.

15 This is a wonderful gift that a discreet woman. A soul that mastery is a priceless treasure.

16 A sunrise over the mountains of the Lord: and the beauty of a perfect wife is the light of his home.

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03 Your wife will be in your house as a fruitful vine, and thy son, around the table, like olive plants.

05 In Zion, the Lord bless you! Thou shalt see the good of Jerusalem all the days of your life,

08 and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one. So they are no longer two, but they are one.

01 Three days later there was a wedding at Cana in Galilee. The mother of Jesus was there.

03 However, UaDreams fail to wine; the mother of Jesus said to him, "They have no wine. "

04 Jesus answered, "Woman, what do you want me? My hour has not yet come. "

06 Now there were six stone water jars there for Jewish ceremonial washings; each holding twenty to thirty gallons.

07 Jesus said to the servants, "Fill the jars with water. "And they filled them to the brim.

08 He said to them, "Draw some out now and take it to the headwaiter. "So they took it.

09 The headwaiter tasted the water into wine. He did not know where it came from wine, but the servants knew, who had drawn the water.

10 Then the headwaiter called the bridegroom and said, "Everyone serves the good wine first, and when people have drunk freely, an inferior one. But you have kept the good wine until now. "

11 This was the beginning of his signs Jesus performed. It was at Cana in Galilee. He revealed his glory, and his disciples believed in him.

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01 I could talk nice all the languages ​​of earth and sky, if I do not have love, but have not love, I am only as sounding brass, a tinkling cymbal.

02 I would be fine prophet, having all the knowledge of the mysteries and all knowledge of God, and a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.

03 I should distribute all my good fortune to the hungry, I would make myself beautiful burned alive, but have not love, it profits me nothing.

04 Love is patient; love is kind; love is not jealous; it does not boast, is not puffed up;

05 it is not rude; it does not seek its own interests; it does not entail; it is not resentful;

02 Live in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us by offering to God the sacrifice that could please him.

23 because for the wife, the husband is the head, as for the Church, Christ is the head, who is the Savior of his body.

24 Well If the church submits to Christ, he is always the same for women with regard to their husbands.

25 You men, love your wife as Christ: he loved the church and gave himself up for her;

27 he might present to himself the church, splendor, without spot or wrinkle, or any such; he wanted her holy and blameless.

28 This is how a husband should love his wife as his own body. He who loves his wife loves himself.

29 No one has ever despised his own body: on the contrary, UaDreams feed, UaDreams cared. This is what Christ did for the church,

31 For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one.

33 Going back to you, everyone should love his own wife as himself, and the woman must have respect for her husband.

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12 Since you have been chosen by God, you are holy and beloved, put on your heart with tenderness and kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

13 Bear with each other and forgive if you have any criticisms to make. Act like the Lord has forgiven you, do the same.

15 And that in your hearts the peace of Christ rule to which you were called in one body in him. Live in thanksgiving.

16 Let the word of Christ dwell in you in all its richness; educate yourself and you repeat each other with true wisdom; in psalms and hymns and praises free, sing to God, in your hearts, your recognition.

17 And whatever you say, whatever you do, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, by offering him your thanksgiving to God the Father.

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02 Do not forget hospitality: it has allowed some unknowingly, receive home of angels.

03 Remember those in prison, because you share their ordeal. Remember those who are mistreated, since you also have a body.

04 Let marriage be respected by all, that the conjugal union is not defiled, because fornicators and adulterers will be judged by God.

05 Let your life is not conducted by the love of money: be content with what you have because God himself has said, I will never let you go, I will never forsake you.

06 Thus UaDreams can say with confidence, The Lord is my helper; I have nothing to fear! Against me, what would the men?

01 When women are submissive to their husbands, if it happens that some refuse to believe the word of God, they will be won, without words by the behavior of their wives,

03 Women, what you need, not the outer beauty -raffinements hair, gold jewelry, fine clothes -

04 but at bottom of yourselves, a soul that never loses its sweetness and calm: this is what is precious in the eyes of God.

05 This is what made the beauty of women of the past: they, who trusted in God were submissive to their husbands;

06 Sara, for example, obeyed Abraham, calling him lord it. You are become her daughters; So do what is right without fear and without any trouble.

07 On your turn, you men, know understand, in common life, that women are more delicate beings; treat them with respect, because they inherit, just like you, grace that gives life. Thus, nothing will upset your prayers.

08 Finally, as everyone to live perfectly united, full of sympathy, brotherly love, tenderness, simplicity.